Chris Ruebens & Tadas Dešukas duo

Chris and Tadas found common grounds having worked together in different projects and started to play concerts as a duo in 2019. Both musicians have a serious background in classical music but as freelancers they are in fact playing all kinds of music genres, mainly moving around between classical, jazz, world and folk music. Consequently it should be no surprise they share  great affection for the art of improvisation.

Their concerts are always an adventure, a musical journey in which often “less is more”, exploring the limits of subtlety, experimenting with contrasts. They mainly play own compositions, now and then supplemented with own arrangements of music by for example as John Zorn and Keith Jarrett or traditional tunes.

Classical guitar, violin, viola, mandolin and ukulele all melting together in a delightful string party!


Chris Ruebens (guitar, ukulele, vocals)
Tadas Dešukas (violin, alto, mandolin)

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Chris Ruebens
+370 679 94 289

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