A King’s Daughter’s Dream: Traditional Melodies from Old Europe

For this programme Renata Dubinskaitė, a singer specialised in early music, has collected the most beautiful melodies from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, England, Ireland – folk songs or anonymous songs written by anonymous authors, similar to folk music. The concert starts with the oldest surviving melody from Ancient Greece, which was engraved into a stone. Other songs were written down or became part of music collections between the sixteenth and eighteenth century, but most of them were passed on from one generation to another, often transmitted orally. Having survived over centuries, many of these melodies have crossed geographical borders and became known all over Europe.

This concert is a musical trip through old Europe, an acquaintance with tunes typical to different nations and European stories about love and war, joys and sufferings of life, faith. Early music and folk music is being performed using a crossover of styles. Dubinskaite uses her knowledge of early music interpretation and folk music experience in the family, she is accompanied by classical guitar performer, composer and singer Chris Ruebens, who has made musical arrangements of the pieces, and Remis Rančys adds jazz improvisations, using the colourful timbers of saxophones, flutes, melodica and percussion.


Renata Dubinskaitė (voice)
Chris Ruebens (guitar, voice)
Remis Rančys (saxophones, flutes, melodica, percussion)

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