Chris Ruebens Ensemble – “THE YELLOW DUCK” (2013)

Track list

Chris Ruebens (1975)
1.  Port Sunlight
2.  Blues for the brave
3.  Song for duduk
4.  The yellow duck
5.  Totó
6.  Lokroep
Chris Ruebens (1975), Saulius Petreikis (1984)
7.  No farewell


Chris Ruebens (classical guitar, steelstring guitar, vocals)
Saulius Petreikis (wind instruments)
Vytautas Bikus (piano)
Andrius Kairys (drums)

Recorded at the Lithuanian Radio Recording Studio in Vilnius (Lithuania) on November 12-13-14, 2012
Released in 2013
Mixing and mastering engineer Bent Langerak
Produced by Chris Ruebens Ensemble
Artwork by Pieter Ruebens

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