As a guitarist and a vocalist Chris has explored very different styles. These are reflected in Chris’s composing style, which, in general, is a synthesis of classical, jazz and world music. He focuses on music for guitar and chamber music that includes his beloved instrument. He mainly composes and arranges for the ensembles he is playing in and pieces with educational purposes. In some of his compositions he is relying on the improvisation skills of the performers, a musical skill that, although quite unusual for a classically trained musician, Chris has a high interest for.

The album “The Yellow Duck” (Chris Ruebens Ensemble), for which Chris wrote all compositions was rewarded a first prize at the international 13th Independent Music Awards Vox Pop in the category instrumental music in 2014. In 2015 an international jury of composers of the 3rd Acerra Guitar Composition competition has awarded his “Fantasy No. 1” for solo guitar with a first prize!

Belgian publishing house Auurk Ed. has used several of Chris’s pieces for the young players in her guitar methods “Gitaar horizon 2” and “Gitaar horizon 3”. Also pieces for more advanced guitar students have been published here. A full list of Chris’s works published by Auurk.

Not all compositions or arrangements have been published as they were composed for improvising ensembles like Luz de luna and Chris Ruebens Ensemble, as mentioned above. Published compositions (or prepared to be published in the future) are for classical guitar solo, guitar quartet (sometimes with added instruments), guitar and string orchestra, guitar quartet and string orchestra, guitar and violin.

“Summer Dance“
four guitars (with optional parts for double bass and bansuri)
Chris’s first piece for the quartet and one of the quartet’s all time favorites is “Summer dance”. It appeared on the BGQ album Dancing with guitar and later again on “Tradicion nuevo” in Chris’s own arrangement adding double bass and bansuri flute. Published by „Auurk Ed“.
Score and audio

“Gitana linda”
four guitars (and cajon)
In “Gitana linda” echoe sounds of modern flamenco. This piece includes an effective percussive middle part and leaves space for improvisation.
To be published soon.

four guitars (and choral singing)
The starting point for this composition was a short choral for four voices that Chris wrote inspired by the Flemish polyphony of the 16th century. “Fenestrae” was recorded on the Baltic Guitar Quartet album “Tradicion Nuevo”.

“Jolie folie”
four guitars
Balkan music meets gypsy jazz, with a small theatrical joke in the middle.
To be published soon.

“I guess I’ll sleep on it”
four guitars (and optional parts for trumpet and double bass)
Minimalistic piece with jazz influences.
To be published soon.

“Stories of a common man”
four guitars and string orchestra
This fantasy concert tells 4 stories about a common man. It was premiered by the Baltic Guitar Quartet and the Senoji Camerata string orchestra under guidance of Vilhelmas Čepinskis at the Baltic Guitar Festival, in Birštonas, Lithuania in June 2016.

“Fantasy No.1”
solo guitar
This piece was awarded with a first prize by international jury of composers of the 3rd Acerra Guitar Composition competition.  Published by Edizioni Esarmonia.

“Fantasy No. 2”
guitar and violin

“Fantasy No. 3”
solo guitar

solo guitar
This piece is dedicated to the flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo.
Published by “Auurk ed”.
Score and audio